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Guidance Cloud offers a range of digital products to amplify digital growth for companies. From simple shared hosting to dedicated Virtual Private Servers ( VPS), the company offers a plethora of digital product for clients across different domains. Here are the most popular services.


Virtual Private Servers - A Mix of Speed and Convenience
VPS hosting is the optimal choice of customers and business managers that require control over their hosting environments. VPS hosting offers dedicated resources along with the flexibility to customize the environment according to custom requirements. Guidance hosting offers VPS hosting with complete root SSH access and the ability to host an unlimited number of domains. Users can install custom applications along with the ability to resell hosting.
All VPS hosting by Guidance Hosting come along with PHP, MySQL, Perl and Apache pre-installed. Customers have the ability to choose from cPanel and Plesk Panel. Guidance Hosting offers the most competitive features at a fraction of the cost demanded by competitors.

Lighting Fast Hosting

High performance hosting with SSD Hosting. Offering 4 times the speed of normal hosting.

Instant Instantiation

Access the services of your VPS within minutes of purchase. Ready to run.

Constant Support

Our support team is available 24/7 to provide support if you have any queries regarding your VPS hosting.

Dedicated Servers

High Powered Flexible Solution with High Level of Control
Guidance Hosting provides Dedicated servers for clients that require resource-intensive options. From custom application to streaming media, Dedicated servers are the best option for clients with an extensive load which the VPS can no longer handle.
In addition to higher bandwidth and variable configuration options, Dedicated servers also provide a high level of security and reliability for customers. The server is not shared among any other customer with resources customized only to the client’s needs. There is an extremely high level of customizability in terms of hardware and software along with extremely high bandwidth allocation.
  • Latest Generation Processors
    High-performance Servers backed by the processing power of latest generation Xeon processors.
  • Root Access
  • Proactive Support

Guidance Collocation

Industrial Level Solution for Resource Intensive Operations
Guidance collocation allows clients to maximize the output of their existing hardware and legacy applications. Along with a cloud-based future, clients can manage and deploy their existing infrastructure in Guidance hosting’s state-of-the-art data centres. This eliminates the hassle and cost of maintaining a data centre and hiring resources to manage data.
Collocation also allows users to solve their toughest challenges. From maximizing hardware output to reorganizing applications, Collocation hosting by Guidance solves all the client's worries.

Global Support

Guidance system ensures constant customer support by having a result-oriented support system. Along with the state-of-the-art data centres that provide top of the line performance and uptime to thousands of proactive businesses on a daily basis, the support team is always present to ensure uptime and connectivity for every single customer.
Whether it is procured hardware or customer’s legacy hardware, Guidance hosting assures global outreach, scalability and agility. This puts customers in positions to extend their reach and solidify their standing in the most rapid technical and financial markets in the world.

Expansion/ Management of Your Data Center

Guidance hosting offers clients the ability to manage the sprawl of their data centres. It also offers the ability to completely stop data centre management by allowing Guidance to provide high-quality infrastructure and migration. This helps transform the infrastructure and simplifies workflow.
Whether you’re looking to reign in data centre sprawl or cease managing data centres altogether, Rackspace Colocation provides world-class data centre infrastructure and migration services to make your transformation smooth.

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