The world is rapidly evolving into a fast-paced one. With a monumental need for digital solutions, technology is at the forefront of every advancement. Guidance Cloud has been providing a high-quality digital infrastructure to its clients for over 6 years.
With a team that is dedicated to providing personalized solutions and proactive support, Guidance Cloud has been an industry leader in innovation by adapting rapidly to its clients needs. The company comprises the values of change, trust and quality.
Guidance Cloud aims to continue setting new standards of reliability in the digital world with across the board solutions that solve problems in the modern world.

The company offers a range of services to help bridge the technological gap for companies.


Virtual Private Servers available for clients that want extensive control over their business requirements with no compromise on speed and flexibility.
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Dedicated Servers

Highly powerful servers to back up infrastructural environments of corporate infrastructures with focused power and unlimited bandwidth.
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Web Hosting

Highly customizable solutions for a range of clients ranging from a personal blog/website to portfolios.
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Cloud Hosting

Highly accessible hosting with high speed, guaranteed uptime and rapid processing.
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About Us


The mission of the company is to provide an integrated solution across the board hosting for clients. The company aims to solve the hassles suffered by clients in the domain of hosting and digital solutions and become the premier provider for digital resources and infrastructure.


The company aims to peek into the future and provide B2B services to help companies foster in a technological world. Guidance Cloud is committed to evolving along with future trends to ensure that clients always have access to state-of-the-art solutions that amplify their growth.


Guidance Cloud strongly believes in values of integrity, trust and honesty. The company puts customer satisfaction above all variables. It strongly believes in a culture of putting clients first. The company nurtures these values across its employees and partners to create a culture of prompt customer satisfaction

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