GDPR Compliant

Guidance Cloud ensures that all the required legal and technical requirements are following according to globally upheld legal and quality standards. Every client and aspect is proceeded taking into consideration the legal aspects and assuring that the legal rights of the client are protected under every possible scenario.

The company strongly believes in following the required privacy and copyright laws and every aspect of usage is monitored proactively to ensure that the usage of the clientele falls under a fair usage policy. The nature of the content hosted ensures that there is no content that goes against the law. The company also ensures that the privacy rights of visitors are upheld by displaying its privacy and cookies policy on customer visit as per the guidelines of the European Union.

The infrastructure and resources provided are assured for safety as there are strict protocols defined to maintain compliance with applicable laws and safety issues. A fair usage data policy is adopted to ensure that client data is kept private and secure.
The company works to ensure that compliance is observed by globally upheld standards including w3 and secure transactions.
Clients are informed promptly of any changes and updates to the privacy policy of the website to ensure that they are aware of the usage and related underlying conditions.

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